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General Terms and Conditions
for Rhizovention


We are the Rhizomatic Circus association based in Vienna (Märzstrasse 33/5, 1150 Vienna). The general terms and conditions refer to the “Rhizovention” circus convention, which takes place in Drosendorf an der Thaya from 17-19.9.21

For better legibility, the generic feminine is predominantly used in these terms and conditions used. Male and other gender identities are thus expressly made meant.


  • The participant acknowledges that she only has a 3-G certificate can participate in the Rhizovention and will try to reduce the epidemiological risk during the To minimize the event (e.g. compliance with hygiene measures).
  • The participant takes care of her own independently Insurance (ideally legal protection, liability & accident; in any case, however, liability). She increases Knowing that they can use the Rhizomatic Circus insurance if necessary, provided that they are before the start of the Convention becomes a member of the association and this is known to the project team at least 1 week before the start of the convention gives membership fee: 25 € / year).
  • The participant acknowledges that the Rhizomatic Circus is for Accidents during the workshops or other damage (e.g. theft) no liability and / or Takes responsibility.


  • The participant takes care of the (if possible environmentally friendly) arrival.
  • The participant is informed that there is likely to be a Carpooling like an organized bike tour will give.
  • The participant acknowledges that it is exclusively There are parking spaces for loading and unloading. If you arrive by private car, it must be close to the area be parked.


  • The participant is aware of and agrees that Film and video recordings are made during the convention and may be published (online and / or offline).
  • The personal data when registering for the convention will be Handled in compliance with data protection regulations and used exclusively for the purpose of registration.


  • The participant registers online for a convention ticket (see )
  • We trust that participants will give a fair self-assessment pay. We recommend a contribution of € 150-175 (for a detailed breakdown of the amount, see Website).
  • The self-assessment contribution must be submitted within 7 days of Registration on the account of the association must be received so that the reservation is valid. After that, the Registration. We will send the association's account details by email after registering online.
  • The reservation is binding when the online form is sent (For cancellation conditions see below)
  • As there is a limited number of participants at the convention, the following applies When registering, the "first come, first serve principle".


  • Should the convention have to be canceled (e.g. due to Corona), the participant will receive the paid participation fee back in full.
  • The participant is entitled to a 14-day right of withdrawal (reference date: day at which the self-assessment amount has arrived in the club account) After that, the following apply Cancellation conditions:

    -) 50% reimbursement of the self-assessment amount if you cancel from day 15 (after Incoming payment)

    -) 25% reimbursement of the self-assessment amount when canceling the convention by 1.-13. September

    -) 0% refund for spontaneous cancellation without a replacement (72 hours before the convention or less)


  • With the self-assessment contribution (recommended contribution: 150-175 €) the following services are covered:
    • Workshops: Die Participant can take part in a total of ... workshops. The workshop descriptions can be found on the Website. If a trainer is absent, the workshop offer can be changed slightly
    • Food: The participant receives per day a breakfast, a snack and a warm meal
    • Drinks: Tea / coffee / cocoa for Breakfast is included, tap water is always available; all other drinks can be purchased for a free donation
    • Overnight: Die Accommodation fee (either tent meadow or circus wagon) is included (also the Cleaning fee)


  • Night's rest: Since the area is in a residential landscape is quiet from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Dogs in the area: Dogs are within the Circus areas welcome, but the participant agrees to the needs of everyone else on the site to respect
  • Camping: The participant agrees, only that to use the designated camping area for camping. Camping, bivouac or Spending the night in a hammock outside the circus area is strictly prohibited.


  • optional appearance at the Open Stage: Die Participants can take part in the Open Stage on September 19th at 4:00 pm with a number / work in progress piece appear. However, she does not receive any fee or expense allowance for this. In the sense of the We would like to note, however, that the trainers and the project team have a low level of transparency Receives residence compensation.
  • optional assistance with work tasks on site: das The project team invites the participant to carry out simple tasks on site (e.g. preparing the Breakfast) to help.


  • The participant can come up with wishes and concerns in front of and Contact the project team at any time during the convention by email or in person.