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Youth Specific Art

The project "Youth Specific ART" is a transnational youth initiative organised by young people for young people. The Rhizomatic Circus is one of four partner organisation in this Erasmus + project. The lead of the project has the Estonian organisation Vita Tiim.

The main aim of the project Youth Specific ART is to exchange good practices among participating organisations and incorporate art methodology to the non-formal education in order to empower young people from Estonia, Austria, Greece, Slovenia, and the UK and increase their active participation through art and innovative creative solutions to support their ability in addressing nowadays needs, challenges and crises.

Objectives of the project:

  • increase capacity of the youth workers who participated in the project to use art and creativity as a tool in youth work with an emphasis on youth with fewer opportunities;
  • exchange good practices in usage of art and creative tools in youth work and to develop new common solutions, including digital solutions;
  • encourage young people from Narva, Lefkas, Zagorje ob Savi, Gloucester, and Vienna to implement their own art initiatives;
  • empower and boost the entrepreneurial mindset of the participating youth through various educational, art and creative activities; -develop partnership networks between youth and art organisations on the local, regional and international levels.

Target groups of the project:

  • core group of the project - representatives of the partner organisations, who are in charge of project implementation.
  • youth workers/leaders participants of the short joint staff even.
  • youth group of the project. Local young people from each partner's country who are deeply involved in the project and in charge of the implementation of the project activities.


  • Transnational project meeting
  • Short-term joint staff event
  • Local activities in frames of youth work and art
  • International online/virtual activities
  • Youth magazine
  • Youth exhibition what travels all partners countries and take place virtually