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2nd-6th of June, 2022

Games, fun and spectacles in the circus village Drosendorf! The Rhizomatic Circus is organizing a circus convention in Lower Austria for the second time: In the imposing circus tent of Drosendorf, participants can scent classical circus air and simultaneously (re-)discover the contemporary circus for themselves by participating in workshops.

Here you can sign up: Yippie - I'm in!


The project takes place in the beautiful Drosendorf an der Thaya - a municipality in Lower Austria close to the Czech Republic border, surrounded by forests and a river landscape. A complete circus village in the community regularly hosts circus camps for children and young people for 22 years (
The workshops and the show of the convention will take place in the impressive 26 meter four-masted tent with around 550 m2. Moreover, through a cooperation with the Drosendorf-Zissersdorf secondary school, we have an additional training location: a large, indoor gym. The outdoor area of around 1000m2 will also be used as a training area. In addition to the campsite, the circus village includes eight traditional circus wagons with a total of 40 beds for the participants as well as a small kitchen and sanitary facilities. Here are a few impressions from Drosendorf:

How to get there: The Rhizovention will be implemented as ecologically as possible, which is why we encourage participants to travel publicly, collectively or by bike. As a thank you, we are giving away a little something on site to everyone who travels to the Rhizovention in an environmentally friendly way.
By the way: we are organizing a ridesharing platform (details to follow) and a bike tour from Retz train station to Drosendorf (approx. 30km).
Address: Badstraße 25a, 2095 Drosendorf an der Thaya
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Every day you can look forward to a variety of workshops in different circus disciplines, such as aerial arts, juggling, clowning, partner acrobatics, contemporary dance and all sorts of other activities. Every morning there will be a workshop to learn the basics of Austrian sign language. In addition, between the workshops and the rest of the program there will be the possibility for the participants to train freely, to exchange ideas, to develop pieces together or just to play...We will inform you about the trainers and the workshops very soon!


As last year, there will be an open-stage show at the upcoming Rhizovention. All participants who want to be on stage are welcome: both finished, professional pieces by experienced circus artists as well as "work in progress" and/or pieces that are developed during the convention can be shown. The moderation of the show will be in Austrian Sign Language again this year.
Here is our invitation to the circus variety show last year.

This year we are also planning an open stage show: it will be bigger, more fantastic, colorful and fun!


As soon as the registration for Rhizovention 2022 is open, we will inform you! We were very happy last year, that it worked out so well and all costs that needed to be covered, were covered with the self-estimated participation fee: the participants determined the amount of their financial contribution. This year we would like to repeat that: we will leave it up to the participants to decide how much they want to pay for the convention and only offer a suggestion.

We would like to make Rhizovention accessible to everyone and therefore offer a participation fee according to self-estimation. To cover all costs, we recommend a daily rate of 65€, which is calculated as follows:

Meals (organic and/or regional)15 €
Rent (incl. lodging, school gym, circus tent)25 €
Programme (incl. workshops, concert, organisation, inclusion contribution)25 €
Membership * (not included in the daily rate)20 €

* with your participation in this year's Rhizovention you automatically become a member of the Rhizomatic Circus Collective for the year 2022. In order to do so, you fill out a membership form on site and are entitled to accident, legal protection and liability insurance during the convention.
For people who can not arrive until Friday evening/Saturday morning for whatever reason, we can offer a 3-day ticket. For this we recommend the amount of 215 €.
For people who will be at the Rhizovention the whole time, we recommend the amount of 280€.
We ask for your understanding that there are no day tickets: we want to avoid a high fluctuation of participants for various reasons (COVID-19, group dynamics, organizational effort, etc.).

When registering HERE, you can indicate the amount you would like to pay. If paying the full participation fee is not possible for you at this time, please feel free to contact us and we will think of another solution! Also, we do not accept monetary capital only. If you would like to support the Rhizovention in another way (e.g. as a volunteer within another project), please contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities!

Yippie - I'm in!


If the convention has to be cancelled (e.g. due to Corona), the participant will receive a full refund of the participation fee.
You have the right to cancel your participation within 14 days (deadline: day on which the self-assessment amount has arrived at the association's account).
After that the following cancellation conditions apply:
50% refund of the self-assessment amount in case of cancellation from day 15 (after receipt of payment)
25% refund of the self-assessment amount in case of cancellation of the convention from 19-31.05.
0% refund in case of spontaneous cancellation without substitute (72 hours before the convention or less)


Of course, we ensure that the event is carried out safely and develop a corona prevention program according to the latest status.


We would like to point out that film and photo recordings will be made during the Rhizovention. These will be published offline and/or online (e.g. website, social media). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


We have a wonderful circus area with many options available - we want to handle it responsibly and comply with the guidelines set by the community.

  1. Psst! Since the area is located in a residential landscape, it is quiet from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning.
  2. Woof! Dogs are welcome on the site, but please respect the needs of everyone else on the site. If possible, please let us know in advance whether you would like to bring a dog.
  3. Camping: You are very welcome to sleep in the designated camping area, but not outside. As the surrounding forest is privately owned, camping (even with a hammock) is strictly prohibited.
  4. Parking: on site there are only parking spaces for loading and unloading. If you cannot travel in an environmentally friendly way, you can park your car near the area. Please let us know in advance whether you will be arriving by car.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Here you can read all about Rhizovention 2021!
And here you can watch last year's aftermovie:
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Rhizovention 2021 Bildergalerie


We are Alma, Nelly and Sasha from the Rhizomatic Circus Collective. All three of us are engaged artistically and performatively in the contemporary circus, as well as organizationally through project work. The Rhizomatic Circus has set up some large circus projects in recent years, but the Rhizovention is the first convention organized by the association. For us as a project team, this is a very special experience ...


For questions, comments and everything else, you can contact us at the following email address:
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You can find the general terms and conditions of Rhizovention under the following link: