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June 7-11 2023

The Rhizovention 2023 will take place in the course of the Viertelfestival NÖ from June 7-11 in Drosendorf an der Thaya. You can enjoy a variety of circus workshops, games, fun & performances with a spectacular program. "Marginal phenomena" is the theme of this year's convention, which we will explore together during the workshops and the show. More about the "Viertelfestival".
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You want to know more about the Rhizovention? Check out the information below and last year's aftermovie here.


"Classical circus" feeling accompanied by contemporary themes
  • Workshops and show in a big circus tent
  • Accommodation in circus wagons or camping
  • Participate in the public variety show or come to support the artists by joining the audience crowd

diverse workshop offer
Highlights 2
  • Choose between several workshops with different circus disciplines and levels
  • Workshops about social relevant topics (e.g. awareness, environmental and climate topics) & well-being (e.g. meditation, massage)
  • Daily workshops to learn Austrian Sign Language

lively additional program
Highlights 3
  • Concert/club evening in the circus tent
  • Free access to natural bath (Thaya river)
  • Circus parade in town


The Rhizovention takes place in the beautiful Drosendorf an der Thaya- municipality in Lower Austria close to the Czech Republic border. The participants train and play in an impressive 26 meter four-masted tent with around 550m2 five days long. Additionally, workshops will take place in a big school gym, as well as in a historical cinema. The circus ground is around 1000m2, where participants can practice what they learned in the workshops. The natural bath by the river also has a beautiful meadow to play and do acrobatics!

How to get to the Drosendorf

We ask all participants to arrive environmentally friendly. Here are some options::

  • organized bike journey (details will be announced in time)
  • private journey by bike (an option is to combine with a train to Retz)
  • public transport ÖBB
  • travel with others using car-sharing (the link will be sent to all participants in time)

Badstraße 25a, 2095 Drosendorf an der Thaya
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Participants can enjoy a diverse offer of circus-workshops (e.g. partner acrobatics, dance, clowning, juggling, aerial acrobatics), as well as additional workshops concerning other topics (e.g. awareness). Also, there will always be the possibility to train freely, exchange ideas, develop circus acts or simply play together…
The workshop program will be published soon. For now here is a list of the trainers, who have confirmed their workshops at the Rhizovention:

  • Felix Poppenberger & Alina Scharbl - Partneracrobatics; Standing Hand to Hand
  • Elisabeth Schütter & Magdalena Pernegger - Partneracrobatics
  • Florian Feit - Martial Arts for performing artists
  • Lawrence Ritchie - Fluid Acrobatics (Basics); Acrobatic Calligraphy: Illustrating Movement
  • Paul Scheer - A playful journey to ball juggling; dance improvisation
  • Alma Gall & Sasha Parkhomchuk - Show Creation
  • Daniela Staudinger - Aerial Silks; Thai Massage
  • Franz Steinbrecher - Austrian Sign Language; Clowning



The public variety show will take place on June 10th at 4 p.m., where professionals and amateurs alike will amaze the audience with their performances. This year we invite the participants and trainers to explore the topic “marginal phenomena” and bring it onto the stage. The show will be co-moderated in Austria Sign Language. Moreover, we will offer a "show track" which consists of multiple workshop to accompany participants in developing a short piece for the stage, which can then be presented.


This year you can choose between three price categories according to your financial means:

Lowest price category - supported ticket: You unfortunately cannot cover the costs of your participation yourself and can only pay the minimum amount. Please keep in mind that with this option you are accessing project funds. For more information about the costs of the convention check out this website (only available in German at the moment. Sorry!): transparency of the costs of Rhizovention.

Middle price category - regular ticket: You can cover the costs of your participation and pay the regular ticket price.

Highest price category - sponsor ticket: You can pay your own costs and even support the convention with a small financial contribution. This additional buffer will be used for those, who buy a supported ticket and cannot cover their own costs.

The following table shows the amount of the participation fee accorsing to the pricecategory and the duration of your participation:
Supported Ticket Regular Ticket Sponsor Ticket
2 Days 150€ 180€ 200€
3 Days 220€ 250€ 300€
4 Days 250€ 300€ 350€
5 Days 300€ 350€ 400€

There will be no sale of day-tickets. We want to avoid a high fluctuation of participants for vaious reasons.
If you cannot pay the full participation fee at this moment, contact us and we will find another solution. We want to make the Rhizovention accessible for everyone. If you would like to support the Rhizovention in another way (e.g volunteering), please contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.


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We want to increase the understanding of the financial situation and what the participation fees are used for. Therefore, we explained the costs of the convention in a transparent way here.

Cancelation policy

Should the convention have to be canceled, the participant will receive a full refund of the participation fee.
You have the right to cancel your participation within 14 days after you have filled out the registration sheet.
After that, the following cancellation policy applies:
50% reimbursement in case of cancellation as of the 15th day after your registration.
25% reimbursement in case of cancellation within one month and up to two weeks before the Rhizovention.
10% reimbursement in case of cancellation within two weeks and up to 72 hours before the convention.
0% reimbursement for spontaneous cancellation without a replacement (within 72 hours before the convention)


Together with around 80 participants, trainers, volunteers and other team-members, we create a small utopia for several days - just as we imagine and hope circus and living together on a societal level. Next to learning and teaching about circus arts, we also put emphasis on ecological, participatory and inclusive approaches.

What does this mean for Rhizovention?


… is integrated in out project design. We invite all participants to get involved in different ways, such as completing small volunteer tasks, participating in the show or holding a workshop.


… accompanies us throughout the entire event in the form of respectful exchange, talking about different points of views, boundaries and needs. A small awareness team will be available on sight to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable.


… is a central component of the Rhizovention. We want to implement the convention as environmentally friendly as possible with various measures, such as offering vegan, organic/regional meals, promoting environmentally friendly travels to and from the convention, sharing material resources in the form of renting equipment and using second-hand materials.


… is a major concern for us as an organizing team. At the moment, we can only implement a few measures:

Persons with hearing impairment: there will be at least one interpreter accompanying the convention and daily Austrian Sign Language workshops. The show will be co-moderated in Austrian Sign Language.

In general we strive to keep language barriers to a minimum. Depending on the needs, the workshops will be held in English or German.

Persons with low financial capital: we offer tickets in different price categories to allow persons with a low income to participate. We also accept different forms of capital, such as volunteering.


We have a wonderful circus area with many options available - we want to handle it responsibly and comply with the guidelines set by the city council Drosendorf.

  1. Psst! Since the area is located in a residential area, there is a mandatory night silence from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning.
  2. Woof! Dogs are welcome on the site, but please respect the needs of everyone else on the site. If possible, please let us know in advance whether you would like to bring a dog or other pets.
  3. Camping: You are very welcome to sleep in the designated camping area, but not outside. As the surrounding forest is privately owned, camping (even with a hammock) is strictly prohibited.
  4. Parking: on site there are only parking spaces for loading and unloading. If you cannot travel in an environmentally friendly way, you can park your car near the area. Please let us know in advance whether you will be arriving by car.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


During the Rhizovention, photos and videos will be recorded. These may be published off- and/or online (e.g. website, social media), If you have any questions, please contact us.


We are Alma, Nelly and Sasha from the Rhizomatic Circus Collective and are the main organizers of the convention. 2023 will be the third year now that we have organized Rhizovention, the "convention of our dreams". But this would not be possible without the many people who support us - at this point we would like to say a big thank you to all the hearts, brains and hands that make this event so unique: the kitchen team, the trainers, the helping hands and everyone else who accompanies us on this amazing circus journey.


If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to write us an e-mail:
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Under the following link you can find the general terms and conditions (momentarily only available in German):

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